§ 54.1-833

Reports; cable television systems; fee on receipts

A. Each promoter shall furnish to the Department, within twenty-four hours after the completion of each event, a written and verified report on the form provided by the Department showing the number of tickets sold, unsold and given away and the amount of gross proceeds thereof for such events originating in the Commonwealth, and its total gross receipts from the sale of rights to distribute in any manner such event by any video, telephonic or other communication method involving the control of electrons or other charge carriers for such live events originating in the Commonwealth. Within the twenty-four-hour period, the promoter shall pay to the Department a fee of (i) five percent of the first $ 100,000 of its total gross receipts; and (ii) two and one-half percent of the remainder of its total gross receipts. Records of the promoter shall be subject to audit by the Department.

B. Each cable television system or other multichannel video programming service shall report to the Department in writing the name and address of each person from whom it obtains the rights to provide a live event originating in the Commonwealth.

C. The Department shall hold all license fees in a special fund of the state treasury subject to appropriation of the General Assembly. Payments from this fund shall be made to the contractors for their services on behalf of the Commonwealth. No payment shall exceed the balance of the fund. The Department shall draw from the fund to cover any expenses associated with the provisions of this chapter.


1998, c. 895; 2015, cc. 216, 264.


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