Preneed Funeral Contracts

This is Article 5 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Preneed Funeral Contracts.” It is part of Title 54.1, titled “Professions And Occupations.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Professions And Occupations Regulated By Boards Within The Department Of Health Professions.” It is part of Chapter 28, titled “Funeral Services.” It’s comprised of the following 7 sections.

§ 54.1-2820
Requirements of preneed funeral contracts
§ 54.1-2821
§ 54.1-2822
Deposit of money received pursuant to preneed funeral contract
§ 54.1-2822.1
Funeral establishments to maintain preneed records
§ 54.1-2823
Exemption from levy, garnishment and distress
§ 54.1-2824
Declaration of trust in consideration other than money
§ 54.1-2825
Person to make arrangements for funeral and disposition of remains