Health Care Decisions Act

This is Article 8 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Health Care Decisions Act.” It is part of Title 54.1, titled “Professions And Occupations.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Professions And Occupations Regulated By Boards Within The Department Of Health Professions.” It is part of Chapter 29, titled “Medicine And Other Healing Arts.” It’s comprised of the following 20 sections.

§ 54.1-2981
Short title
§ 54.1-2982
§ 54.1-2983
Procedure for making advance directive; notice to physician
§ 54.1-2983.1
Participation in health care research
§ 54.1-2983.2
Capacity; required determinations
§ 54.1-2983.3
Exclusions and limitations of advance directives
§ 54.1-2985
Revocation of an advance directive
§ 54.1-2985.1
Injunction; court-ordered health care
§ 54.1-2986
Procedure in absence of an advance directive; procedure for advance directive without agent; no presumption; persons who may authorize health care for patients incapable of informed decisions
§ 54.1-2986.1
Duties and authority of agent or person identified in § 54.1-2986
§ 54.1-2986.2
Health care decisions in the event of patient protest
§ 54.1-2987
Transfer of patient by physician who refuses to comply with advance directive or health care decision
§ 54.1-2987.1
Durable Do Not Resuscitate Orders
§ 54.1-2988
Immunity from liability; burden of proof; presumption
§ 54.1-2989
Willful destruction, concealment, etc., of declaration or revocation; penalties
§ 54.1-2989.1
Failure to deliver advance directive
§ 54.1-2990
Medically unnecessary health care not required; procedure when physician refuses to comply with an advance directive or a designated person's health care decision; mercy killing or euthanasia prohibited
§ 54.1-2991
Effect of declaration; suicide; insurance; declarations executed prior to effective date
§ 54.1-2992
Preservation of existing rights
§ 54.1-2993