§ 55-210.6:1

When intangible interest in business association presumed abandoned

A. Any intangible interest in a business association, as evidenced by the stock records or membership records of the association, is presumed abandoned five years after the date of the most recent dividend or other distribution unclaimed by the apparent owner with respect to the stock or other interest, or, if a dividend or other distribution has not been paid on the stock or other interest, or the stock or other interest is held pursuant to a plan that provides for the automatic reinvestment of dividends or other distributions, five years after the date of the second mailing of a statement of account or other notification or communication that was returned as undeliverable, or after the date the holder discontinued the mailings to the apparent owner, whichever is earlier. With respect to such interest, the business association shall be deemed the holder.

B. Any dividend or other distribution held for or owing to a person at the time the stock or other security to which such dividend or other distribution attaches, is considered abandoned at the same time.


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