§ 55-225.10

Notice to tenant in event of foreclosure

A. The landlord of a dwelling unit subject to this chapter shall give written notice to the tenant or any prospective tenant of such dwelling unit that the landlord has received a notice of a mortgage default, mortgage acceleration, or foreclosure sale relative to the loan on the dwelling unit within five business days after written notice from the lender is received by the landlord. This requirement shall not apply (i) to any managing agent who does not receive a copy of such written notice from the lender or (ii) if the tenant or prospective tenant provides a copy of the written notice from the lender to the landlord or the managing agent.

B. If the landlord fails to provide the notice required by this section, the tenant shall have the right to terminate the rental agreement upon written notice to the landlord at least five business days prior to the effective date of termination. If the tenant terminates the rental agreement, the landlord shall make disposition of the tenant’s security deposit in accordance with law or the provisions of the rental agreement, whichever is applicable.

C. If the dwelling unit is foreclosed upon and there is a tenant lawfully residing in the dwelling unit on the date of foreclosure, the tenant may remain in such dwelling unit as a tenant only pursuant to the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, P.L. No. 111-22, § 702, 123 Stat. 1632, 1660 (2009), and provided the tenant remains in compliance with all of the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, including payment of rent.


2009, c. 663; 2011, c. 530; 2012, c. 788.


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