§ 55-246.1

Who may recover rent or possession

Notwithstanding any rule of court to the contrary, (i) any person licensed under the provisions of § 54.1-2106.1, (ii) any property manager, or a managing agent of a landlord as defined in § 55-248.4, or (iii) any employee, who is authorized in writing by a corporate officer with the approval of the board of directors, or by a manager, a general partner or a trustee, of a partnership, association, corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, professional corporation, professional limited liability company, registered limited liability partnership, registered limited liability limited partnership, business trust, or family trust to sign pleadings as the agent of the business entity may obtain a judgment (a) for possession in the general district court for the county or city wherein the premises, or part thereof, is situated or (b) for rent or damages, including actual damages for breach of the rental agreement, in any general district court where venue is proper under § 8.01-259, against any defendant if the person seeking such judgment had a contractual agreement with the landlord to manage the premises for which rent or possession is due and may prepare, execute, file, and have served on other parties in any general district court a warrant in debt, suggestion for summons in garnishment, garnishment summons, writ of possession, or writ of fieri facias arising out of a landlord tenant relationship. However, the activities of any such person in court shall be limited by the provisions of § 16.1-88.03.


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