§ 55-248.13:3

Notice to tenants for insecticide or pesticide use

A. The landlord shall give written notice to the tenant no less than forty-eight hours prior to his application of an insecticide or pesticide in the tenant’s dwelling unit unless the tenant agrees to a shorter notification period. If a tenant requests the application of the insecticide or pesticide, the forty-eight-hour notice is not required. Tenants who have concerns about specific insecticides or pesticides shall notify the landlord in writing no less than twenty-four hours before the scheduled insecticide or pesticide application. The tenant shall prepare the dwelling unit for the application of insecticides or pesticides in accordance with any written instructions of the landlord, and if insects or pests are found to be present, follow any written instructions of the landlord to eliminate the insects or pests following the application of insecticides or pesticides.

B. In addition, the landlord shall post notice of all insecticide or pesticide applications in areas of the premises other than the dwelling units. Such notice shall consist of conspicuous signs placed in or upon such premises where the insecticide or pesticide will be applied at least forty-eight hours prior to the application.


2000, c. 760; 2009, c. 663.


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