§ 55-248.18:2

Relocation of tenant where mold remediation needs to be performed in the dwelling unit

Where a mold condition in the dwelling unit materially affects the health or safety of any tenant or authorized occupant, the landlord may require the tenant to temporarily vacate the dwelling unit in order for the landlord to perform mold remediation in accordance with professional standards as defined in § 55-248.4 for a period not to exceed 30 days. The landlord shall provide the tenant with either (i) a comparable dwelling unit, as selected by the landlord, at no expense or cost to the tenant, or (ii) a hotel room, at no expense or cost to the tenant. The tenant shall continue to be responsible for payment of rent under the rental agreement during the period of any temporary relocation and for the remainder of the term of the rental agreement following the remediation. Nothing in this section shall be construed as entitling the tenant to a termination of a tenancy where or when the landlord has remediated a mold condition in accordance with professional standards as defined in § 55-248.4. The landlord shall pay all costs of the relocation and the mold remediation, unless the mold is a result of the tenant’s failure to comply with § 55-248.16.


2008, c. 640; 2009, c. 663; 2011, c. 779; 2016, c. 744.


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