§ 55-509.3

Association charges

Except as expressly authorized in this chapter, in the declaration, or otherwise provided by law, no association may (i) make an assessment or impose a charge against a lot or a lot owner unless the charge is a fee for services provided or related to use of the common area or (ii) charge a fee related to the provisions set out in § 55-509.6 or 55-509.7 that is not expressly authorized in those sections. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to authorize an association or common interest community manager to charge an inspection fee for an unimproved or improved lot except as provided in § 55-509.6 or 55-509.7. The Common Interest Community Board may assess a monetary penalty for a violation of this section against any (a) association pursuant to § 54.1-2351 or (b) common interest community manager pursuant to § 54.1-2349, and may issue a cease and desist order against the violator pursuant to § 54.1-2349 or 54.1-2352, as applicable.


2008, cc. 851, 871; 2011, c. 334; 2014, c. 216; 2015, c. 277.


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