§ 55-516.1

Annual report by association

A. The association shall file an annual report in a form and at such time as prescribed by regulations of the Common Interest Community Board. The annual report shall be accompanied by a fixed fee in an amount established by the Board.

B. The Common Interest Community Board may accept copies of forms submitted to other state agencies to satisfy the requirements of this section if such forms contain substantially the same information required by the Common Interest Community Board.

C. The association shall also remit to the agency an annual payment as follows:

1. The lesser of:

a. $ 1,000 or such other amount as established by agency regulation; or

b. Five hundredths of one percent (0.05%) of the association’s gross assessment income during the preceding year.

2. For the purposes of subdivision 1 b, no minimum payment shall be less than $ 10.00.

D. The annual payment shall be remitted to the State Treasurer and shall be placed to the credit of the Common Interest Community Management Fund established pursuant to § 55-529.


1993, c. 958; 2008, cc. 851, 871; 2009, c. 557; 2012, cc. 481, 797.


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