§ 55-558

Withdrawal of funds from account for purposes other than eligible costs for first-time home purchase

If moneys or funds are withdrawn from an account for any purpose other than the payment of eligible costs by or on behalf of a qualified beneficiary, there shall be imposed a penalty calculated using the Form 1099 showing the amount of income exempted from state income tax and a five percent penalty shall be assessed on the amount of exempted income. The penalty shall be paid to the Department of Taxation. In addition, as provided under subdivision C 36 of § 58.1-322, the account holder shall also be subject to recapture of income that was subtracted pursuant to that subdivision.Such five percent penalty shall not apply to, and there shall be no recapture of income with regard to, the extent of moneys or funds withdrawn that were (i) withdrawn by reason of the qualified beneficiary’s death or disability, (ii) a disbursement of assets of the account pursuant to a filing for protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C. §§ 101 through 1330, or (iii) transferred from an account established pursuant to this chapter into another account established pursuant to this chapter for the benefit of another qualified beneficiary.


2014, c. 729.


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