§ 55-79.42:1

Association charges

Except as expressly authorized in this chapter, in the condominium instruments, or as otherwise provided by law, no unit owners’ association may make an assessment or impose a charge against a unit owner unless the charge is (i) authorized under § 55-79.83, (ii) a fee for services provided, or (iii) related to the provisions set out in § 55-79.97:1. The Common Interest Community Board may assess a monetary penalty for a violation of this section against any (a) unit owners’ association pursuant to § 54.1-2351 or (b) common interest community manager pursuant to § 54.1-2349, and may issue a cease and desist order pursuant to § 54.1-2349 or 54.1-2352, as applicable.


2015, c. 277.


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