§ 55-79.85

Restraints on alienation

If the condominium instruments create any rights of first refusal or other restraints on free alienability of the condominium units, such rights and restraints shall be void unless the condominium instruments make provision for promptly furnishing to any unit owner or purchaser requesting the same a recordable statement certifying to any waiver of, or failure or refusal to exercise, such rights and restraints, in all cases where such waiver, failure, or refusal does in fact occur. Failure or refusal to furnish promptly such a statement in such circumstances in accordance with the provisions of the condominium instruments shall make all such rights and restraints inapplicable to any disposition of a condominium unit in contemplation of which such statement was requested. Any such statement shall be binding on the association of unit owners, the executive organ, and every unit owner. Payment of a fee not exceeding twenty-five dollars may be required as a prerequisite to the issuance of such a statement if the condominium instruments so provide.


1974, c. 416.


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