§ 56-264

Quo warranto in case of failure to comply with order of Commission

If any such public service corporation shall fail or refuse to comply with any order of the Commission made pursuant to the provisions of § 56-263, the Commonwealth, or any person authorized by Article 1 (§ 8.01-635 et seq.) of Chapter 25 of Title 8.01 to institute such a proceeding, may proceed against such corporation by a writ of quo warranto, or information in the nature of a writ of quo warranto, in the circuit or corporation court having jurisdiction in the county or city wherein is located the principal office of the corporation in this Commonwealth. The provisions of Article 1 of Chapter 25 of Title 8.01 shall be applicable to any such proceeding except as herein otherwise provided and if, in such proceeding, there shall be a judgment of dissolution, the provisions of § 13.1-755 shall apply.


1924, p. 690; 1928, p. 633; Michie Code 1942, § 4073d.


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