§ 56-84

Application or petition by public service company and affiliates; hearing; action of Commission; conditions imposed on foreign corporations

In every case wherein the approval of the Commission is required of any contract, arrangement, loan, extension or renewal thereof, assumption of obligation or liability, renewal or extension thereof, or any transaction or act, an application or petition, duly executed and verified by any such public service company and by each and every corporation, partnership, association or person constituting an affiliated interest, who are parties to such transaction or act, shall be presented to and filed with the Commission which, upon hearing, either formal or informal, as may be determined by the Commission, may, in addition to passing upon the propriety of the proposed transaction or act subject to approval under this chapter, pass upon all questions of jurisdiction of the Commission and upon whether any party is, as a matter of fact and law, an affiliated interest. And in any such proceeding the Commission may require, as a condition precedent to an approval or action upon the proposed transaction or act, any other corporation, partnership, association or person which it appears to the Commission, prima facie, is or might be an affiliated interest, to join, or to be joined, as a party to the proceeding. And the Commission may, in its discretion, impose any condition as to obtaining a license to transact business in Virginia on the part of any foreign corporation which it appears would contravene any provision of Article 17 (§ 13.1-757 et seq.) of Chapter 9 of Title 13.1 by the performance of the proposed transaction or act or may require any such foreign corporation to submit to the jurisdiction of the Commission under § 13.1-759 or otherwise for a determination of such question, whenever the public interest and the due enforcement of this chapter and of other laws under the jurisdiction of the Commission appear to require such course.


1938, p. 22; Michie Code 1942, § 3774i2.


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