Crossings And Connections

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Crossings And Connections.” It is part of Title 56, titled “Public Service Companies.” It is part of Chapter 1, titled “General Provisions.” It’s comprised of the following 21 sections.

§ 56-16
Wagonways to be constructed across roads, railroads, canals, and other works; enforcement
§ 56-16.1
Telephone, telegraph or electric power lines crossing railroads
§ 56-16.2
Public utility lines crossing railroads
§ 56-17
Right of one public service corporation to cross the works of another; cost
§ 56-18
Submission of plans for such crossing
§ 56-19
Contest by company whose works are crossed
§ 56-20
Payment for damage occasioned by crossing works of public service corporations
§ 56-21
When work on crossing works of public service corporation to proceed; no injunction to be awarded
§ 56-22
Change of course of railroad, etc., to avoid crossings
§ 56-23
Crossing of highway by public service corporation
§ 56-24
Effect of crossing on highway
§ 56-25
Manner of construction of crossing
§ 56-26
Cost of crossing
§ 56-27
Applications required for crossings
§ 56-28
Contest by county or Commissioner of Highways
§ 56-29
Change of course of highway to avoid crossings
§ 56-30
Payment of damages occasioned by crossing highway
§ 56-31
When work of crossing highway to proceed
§ 56-32
Limitation on crossing rights if altering, closing or obstructing highway or stream involved
§ 56-33
Duty of corporation whose wires cross other works
§ 56-34
General Assembly may require connections between public service corporations