Highway Crossings

This is Article 6 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Highway Crossings.” It is part of Title 56, titled “Public Service Companies.” It is part of Chapter 13, titled “Railroad Corporations.” It’s comprised of the following 17 sections.

§ 56-405
Railroad companies to maintain grade crossings of public highways and approaches; repair by Commissioner of Highways or public road authority; recovery of cost from railroad company
§ 56-405.01
§ 56-405.02
Railroads to adjust certain public highways at grade crossings
§ 56-405.1
Agreements with Commissioner of Highways or public road authority representative for maintenance and repair of public grade crossings
§ 56-405.2
Construction and maintenance of crossbucks
§ 56-405.3
§ 56-406
§ 56-406.1
Proceedings for installation and maintenance of automatically operated gates, signals and other automatic crossing warning devices
§ 56-406.2
Proceeding for fixing cost of maintaining such warning devices at public grade crossings
§ 56-407
§ 56-408
Signs similar to crossing signs prohibited
§ 56-409
§ 56-411
Removal of brush and trees from right-of-way
§ 56-412
When trains shall be stopped before getting to railroad crossing
§ 56-412.1
Railroad cars obstructing street or road; standing vehicle on railroad track
§ 56-412.2
Ordinances conflicting with § 56-412.1
§ 56-412.3
Maintenance of certain roadways by Buchanan County