Supervision By Commission

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Supervision By Commission.” It is part of Title 56, titled “Public Service Companies.” It is part of Chapter 15, titled “Telegraph And Telephone Companies.” It’s comprised of the following 17 sections.

§ 56-478
§ 56-478.1
§ 56-479
Commission to make rules; require connection between companies; inspect lines and buildings
§ 56-479.1
Long distance service; change of carriers; prior authorization
§ 56-479.2
Anti-competitive acts; injunctive relief
§ 56-479.3
Authorization and verification for products, goods, and services to be billed on a telephone bill
§ 56-480
Rates, etc., on file with Commission not to be questioned in courts; revision; proof
§ 56-480.1
Time limit on institution of approved rates
§ 56-480.2
Operator assistance at pay stations
§ 56-481
§ 56-481.1
Rates, charges, and regulations for interexchange telephone service
§ 56-481.2
Rates, charges and regulations for local exchange telephone services provided by new entrants
§ 56-482
Agreements between telephone companies to be submitted to Commission
§ 56-482.1
Reports required of interexchange telephone companies
§ 56-482.2
§ 56-483
Refusal or neglect to make reports; obstructing Commission in discharge of duties; violations in general
§ 56-484
Foreign companies to obtain license