§ 57-25

Condemnation of land for cemeteries

If it is desired at any time to establish a cemetery for the use of a city, town, county or magisterial district, or to enlarge any such cemetery already established, and the title to land needed cannot be otherwise acquired, land sufficient for the purpose may be condemned. Application for the condemnation shall be made by the governing body of the city or town, the attorney for the Commonwealth of the county, or any ten citizens of the magisterial district, as the case may be, to the circuit court of the county or city in which the land lies, and the proceedings shall be according to the provisions of Title 25.1 for condemnation of land thereunder, so far as they can be applied to the case. The title to any land acquired under the proceedings, if for the enlargement of an existing cemetery, shall vest in the county, city or town, or in the trustees of such cemetery, as appropriate; and if for the establishment of a new cemetery, the title shall vest in the county, city or town, or in the trustees to be appointed under § 57-23, as appropriate. The land shall be held as provided by § 57-22.


Code 1919, § 53; 1997, c. 132.


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