§ 57-27.3

Authorization for interment

A cemetery may accept the notarized signature of one next of kin of a decedent for the purpose of authorizing the interment or entombment, and for erecting a memorial on the grave, crypt or niche, unless the cemetery is on written notice that there exists a dispute between next of kin over such interment, entombment or memorialization. In the case of such a dispute, the cemetery shall have no obligation to perform the interment, entombment or memorialization until there is agreement of all next of kin, or a court order adjudicating the issue among all necessary parties.For purposes of this section, “next of kin” means any of the following persons, regardless of the relationship to the decedent: any person designated to make arrangements for the disposition of the decedent’s remains upon his death pursuant to § 54.1-2825, the legal spouse, child over 18 years of age, custodial parent, noncustodial parent, siblings over 18 years of age, guardian of minor child, guardian of minor siblings, maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents, maternal siblings over 18 years of age and paternal siblings over 18 years of age, or any other relative in the descending order of blood relationship.


2004, c. 247.


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