§ 57-37

Costs of suits, removal and reinterment; how surplus above costs disposed of

In the event that the proceeds from the condemnation are insufficient to defray the costs of the suit and removal, and reinterment of the remains, then the additional amount necessary therefor shall be paid by the county, city or town instituting the suit. If, after the payment of proper costs, there be any residue, the same shall be paid to the parties entitled thereto, and if there be any parties unknown who are entitled to such proceeds, the county, city or town shall hold such amount in trust for the parties so entitled, but such county, city or town shall not be charged with any interest on such amount so held. If the amount so held is not claimed by or paid to the parties entitled thereto within seven years from the date of sale of such burying ground, or part thereof, then such amount shall pass to and become a part of the Literary Fund of the Commonwealth, as provided by the statute of escheats.


Code 1919, § 55; 1985, c. 95.


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