§ 57-8

Appointment of trustees to effect the purposes of conveyances, etc.; validation of certain appointments

The circuit court of the county or the circuit court of the city, or the judge thereof in vacation, wherein there is any parcel of such land or the greater part thereof may, on the application of the proper authorities of an unincorporated church or religious body or branch or division thereof, from time to time appoint trustees, either where there were, or are, none or in place of former trustees, and on such application and without notice to the trustee or trustees change those so appointed whenever it may seem to the court or judge proper to effect and promote the purpose and object of the conveyance, devise, or dedication, and the legal title to such land shall for that purpose and object be vested in the trustees for the time being and their successors.All such changes and appointments heretofore [before March 31, 1966] made are hereby validated, ratified, approved and confirmed.


Code 1919, § 39; 1962, c. 516; 1966, c. 216; 2005, c. 772.


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