§ 58.1-1003.3

Roll-your-own cigarette machines

Any person who maintains, operates, or rents a machine at a retail establishment for use by a consumer that enables any person to process at the establishment a product that is made or derived from tobacco into a roll or tube shall be deemed to be a manufacturer of cigarettes, and the resulting product produced at such establishment shall be deemed to be manufactured cigarettes sold to a consumer for purposes of this title, Chapter 42 (§ 3.2-4200 et seq.) of Title 3.2, and Chapter 2.1 (§ 9.1-209 et seq.) of Title 9.1. A retail establishment may purchase tobacco that has not been subject to tax pursuant to this title or the requirements of Chapter 42 of Title 3.2, provided that (i) such tobacco may only be sold to consumers for the purpose of making cigarettes on the machines described herein in the establishment, (ii) the retail establishment pays the taxes due on such cigarettes pursuant to this title, and (iii) the retail establishment maintains compliance with the requirements of Chapter 42 of Title 3.2 with respect to such cigarettes. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the sale and use of cigarette rolling machines purchased for personal use by an individual consumer to make cigarettes for personal consumption and not for rental or use by other consumers.


2012, cc. 48, 68; 2014, cc. 370, 418.


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