§ 58.1-1012

Duties of wholesale dealer, manufacturer and exclusive distributor on shipping, delivering or sending out cigarettes

A. Every wholesale dealer in the Commonwealth shall, before shipping, delivering or sending out any cigarettes to any dealer in the Commonwealth or for sale in the Commonwealth, cause the same to have the requisite denominations and amount of stamps to represent the tax affixed as stated herein, and every other wholesale dealer shall at the time of shipping or delivering any cigarettes make a true duplicate invoice of the same, showing the date, amount and value of each class of articles shipped or delivered, and retain a duplicate thereof. Wholesale dealers in the Commonwealth who ship, deliver, or send any cigarettes to the United States government for sale or distribution to any military, naval or marine reservation owned by the United States government within the Commonwealth shall be required to carry out the provisions set out in this chapter for such sales or deliveries.

B. Any manufacturer or exclusive distributor shall not be required to affix Virginia revenue stamps as required by subsection A, if such manufacturer or exclusive distributor is shipping, sending, selling, or delivering the cigarettes to a wholesale dealer in the Commonwealth who is a duly qualified wholesale dealer stamping agent in accordance with § 58.1-1011 or to a law-enforcement agency for use in the performance of its duties. The manufacturer or exclusive distributor who qualifies under this section and ships, sends, sells, or delivers cigarettes to a wholesale dealer shall keep on file a record of each such shipment, sale, or delivery and shall maintain such record for a period of three years.


Code 1950, § 58-757.11; 1960, c. 392, § 11; 1984, c. 675; 2005, c. 856; 2014, cc. 422, 458.


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