§ 58.1-1117

How intangible personal property tax collectible

Each county and city treasurer shall proceed promptly to collect all intangible personal property taxes for the tax year that have been assessed by the commissioner of the revenue and remain unpaid after the time fixed by law for payment and shall continue his efforts so to collect until the close of the then current calendar year. The collection of such taxes shall be enforced by legal process to the extent collection cannot be accomplished otherwise, and all remedies available to the county or city treasurer for the collection of other taxes shall apply to the collection of intangible personal property taxes.Within thirty-one days after the close of each calendar year, the treasurer shall transmit to the Department in the form it may prescribe, such information as the Department may require with respect to all assessments that the commissioner of the revenue made during such calendar year and that the treasurer was unable to collect. The Department, upon receiving and examining the same, shall certify to the Comptroller the necessary information to enable the Comptroller to give such treasurer proper credit on the Comptroller’s books for all unpaid items, and such treasurer shall not receive any of such taxes after he has transmitted such information to the Department, but the same shall be paid directly into the state treasury. Section 58.1-1800 shall not apply with respect to the intangible property taxes covered by this paragraph.The Department shall have power to issue a memorandum of lien under § 58.1-1805 for the collection of such taxes in the same manner and with the same effect as in the case of a memorandum of lien issued for the collection of taxes assessed by such Department; and all provisions of law applicable to such memorandum of lien shall be applicable to each memorandum of lien issued for the collection of taxes under this section. The Department shall also have power to collect the taxes as aforesaid by other legal process.


Code 1950, § 58-441; 1960, c. 508; 1977, c. 396; 1984, c. 675; 1985, c. 221.


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