§ 58.1-1821

Application to Tax Commissioner for correction

Any person assessed with any tax administered by the Department of Taxation may, within ninety days from the date of such assessment, apply for relief to the Tax Commissioner. Such application shall be in the form prescribed by the Department, and shall fully set forth the grounds upon which the taxpayer relies and all facts relevant to the taxpayer’s contention. The Tax Commissioner may also require such additional information, testimony or documentary evidence as he deems necessary to a fair determination of the application. Any person aggrieved by an action by the Department with respect to a transferred credit or other tax attribute may apply for relief under this section or request to join an application already filed by another person assessed with tax or aggrieved by an action with respect to the same credit or other tax attribute. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 58.1-3, the Tax Commissioner shall have the discretion to permit the joinder of a party or consolidate proceedings on applications filed by different taxpayers if the interest of the party or the applications involve adjustments to credits or other tax attributes arising from the same transaction or occurrence, provided that no interests are prejudiced and the joinder or consolidation advances administrative economy.On receipt of a notice of intent to file under this section, the Tax Commissioner shall refrain from collecting the tax until the time for filing hereunder has expired, unless he determines that collection is in jeopardy.Any person whose tax assessment has been improperly collected by the Department may apply hereunder to assert a claim that any amount so collected was exempt from process.The initial assessment of any tax administered by the Department of Taxation shall include a notice to the taxpayer that specifies all of the taxpayer’s rights under this section, including but not limited to the right to have the Tax Commissioner refrain from collecting the tax upon the Commissioner’s receipt from the taxpayer of a notice of intent to file for relief under this section.


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