§ 58.1-2212

Grounds for denial of license

A. The Commissioner may refuse to issue a license under this article to an applicant if (i) the applicant or (ii) any principal of the applicant has:

1. Had a license or registration issued under prior law or this chapter canceled by the Commissioner for cause;

2. Had a motor fuel license or registration issued by another state canceled for cause;

3. Had a federal Certificate of Registry issued under § 4101 of the Internal Revenue Code, or a similar federal authorization, revoked;

4. Been convicted of any offense involving fraud or misrepresentation; or

5. Been convicted of any other offense that indicates that the applicant may not comply with this chapter if issued a license.

B. For purposes of subdivisions 1, 2 and 3 of subsection A, it shall be sufficient cause for the Commissioner to refuse to issue a license if the canceled or revoked license, registration or Certificate of Registry was held by a business entity of which the applicant, or any principal of the applicant, was a principal.


2000, cc. 729, 758; 2003, c. 781.


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