§ 58.1-2282

Appeal of Commissioner’s decisions

A. Any person against whom an assessment, order or decision of the Commissioner has been adversely rendered, which assessment, order, or decision relates to the collection of unreported, incorrectly or fraudulently reported taxes, the granting or canceling of a license, the filing of a bond, an increase in the amount of a bond, a change of surety on a bond, the filing of reports, the examination of records, or any other matter wherein the findings are in the discretion of the Commissioner, may, within thirty days from the date thereof, file a petition of appeal from such assessment, order, or decision, in the circuit court in the city or county wherein such person resides, provided that any petition for a refund for taxes timely paid shall be filed within one year of the date of payment. A copy of the petition shall be sent to the Commissioner at the time of the filing with the court. The original shall show, by certificate, the date of mailing such copy to the Commissioner.

B. In any proceeding under this section, the assessments by the Commissioner shall be presumed correct. The burden of proof shall be upon the petitioner to show that the assessment was incorrect and contrary to law. The circuit court is authorized to enter judgment against such person for the taxes, penalty, and interest due. The failure by any such person to appeal under the provisions of this section within the time period specified shall render the assessment, order, or decision of the Commissioner conclusively valid and binding upon such person. Such person or the Commissioner may petition the Court of Appeals from the final decision of the circuit court.


2000, cc. 729, 758.


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