§ 58.1-2299

Bad debts

A. In any return filed under the provisions of this chapter, a distributor may credit, against the tax shown to be due on the return, the amount of tax previously returned and paid on accounts which are owed to the distributor and which have been found to be worthless within the period covered by the return. The credit, however, shall not exceed the amount of the uncollected sales price determined by treating prior payments on each debt as consisting of the same proportion of the sales price, tax levied under this chapter, and other nontaxable charges as the total debt originally owed to the distributor. The amount of accounts for which a credit has been taken that are thereafter in whole or in part paid to the dealer shall be included in the first return filed after such collection.

B. Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, a distributor whose volume and character of uncollectible accounts, including checks returned for insufficient funds, renders it impractical to substantiate the credit on an account-by-account basis may, subject to the approval of the Department, utilize an alternative method of substantiating the credit.


2012, cc. 217, 225.


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