§ 58.1-2670

Application to Commission or Department for review

Any taxpayer, the Commonwealth or any county, city or town aggrieved by any action of the Commission in the ascertainment of, or the assessment for taxation of, the value of any property of any corporation or company assessed by the Commission, or in the ascertainment of any tax upon any company or corporation of its property, at any time within three months after receiving a certified copy of such assessment of value or tax, may apply to the Commission for a review and correction of any specified item or items thereof after which date the Commission shall have no authority under this section or any other provision of law to receive any application or complaint concerning the assessment of value or tax. Such application shall be in a form prescribed by the Commission and shall set forth with reasonable certainty the item or items, of which a review and correction are sought, and the grounds of the complaint. The application shall also be verified by affidavit.Any company or governmental entity aggrieved by any assessment for taxation of the value of any property by the Department of Taxation may apply to the Department or the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond, Division I, for correction of any such tax valuation or assessment, under Chapter 18 (§ 58.1-1800 et seq.) of this title. The Department and the court are hereby empowered to correct the valuation or assessment, and the requirement of such sections shall apply to corrections hereunder, mutatis mutandis.


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