§ 58.1-2680

Reports to include location by districts, etc

Every public service corporation as defined in § 56-1 required to report to the Commission or the Department for the assessment of real or personal property in any county which has either a county executive form of county organization and government or a county manager form of county organization and government provided for in Chapter 5 (§ 15.2-500 et seq.) through Chapter 6 (§ 15.2-600 et seq.), or in Prince William, Augusta, or Gloucester County, whenever such property is subject to local taxation, shall include in such report a statement showing the character of the property and its value and particularly in what district or districts within, or partly within, such county such property is located.For purposes of this section, “district” shall include a sanitary district, fire district and fire zone.


Code 1950, §§ 58-681, 58-684; 1954, c. 278; 1971, Ex. Sess., cc. 1, 192; 1980, c. 385; 1983, c. 570; 1984, c. 675.


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