§ 58.1-3232

Authority of city to provide for assessment and taxation of real estate in newly annexed area

The council of any city may adopt an ordinance to provide for the assessment and taxation of only the real estate in an area newly annexed to such city in accord with the provisions of this article. All of the provisions of this article shall be applicable to such ordinance, except that if the county from which such area was annexed has in operation an ordinance hereunder, the ordinance of such city may be adopted at any time prior to April 1 of the year for which such ordinance will be effective, and applications from landowners may be received at any time within thirty days of the adoption of the ordinance in such year. If such ordinance is adopted after the date specified in § 58.1-3231, the ranges of suggested values made by the State Land Evaluation Advisory Council for the county from which such area was annexed are to be considered the value recommendations for such city. An ordinance adopted under the authority of this section shall be effective only for the tax year immediately following annexation.


Code 1950, § 58-769.6:1; 1976, c. 58; 1984, c. 675.


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