§ 58.1-3370


A. The circuit court having jurisdiction within each city and each county other than those counties operating under § 58.1-3371 shall, in each tax year immediately following the year a general reassessment or annual or biennial assessment is conducted in such city or county, appoint for such city or county a board of equalization of real estate assessments, unless such county or city has a permanent board of equalization appointed according to law. In addition, at the request of the local governing body, the circuit court may appoint alternate members as provided in subsection B of § 58.1-3373, and the provisions of that subsection shall apply mutatis mutandis.

B. The term of any board of equalization appointed under the authority of this section shall expire one year after the effective date of the assessment for which they were appointed.


Code 1950, § 58-895; 1975, c. 575; 1979, c. 577; 1983, c. 304; 1984, cc. 273, 675; 1991, c. 240; 2014, c. 19.


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