§ 58.1-3510.5

Renter’s certificate of registration

Every person engaging in the short-term rental business, as defined in § 58.1-3510.4, in a county, city or town which has enacted an ordinance imposing a short-term rental property tax pursuant to § 58.1-3510.6 shall file annually with the commissioner of the revenue of such county or city or the designated official of such town an application for a certificate of registration. The application shall be in a form prescribed by the commissioner of the revenue or designated town official and shall set forth the name under which the applicant operates or intends to operate the rental business, the location of the business, the subdivision of § 58.1-3510.4 B under which the business asserts that it is qualified for certification as a short-term rental business, and such other information as the commissioner or designated town official may require.Each applicant shall sign the application as owner of the rental business. If the rental business is owned by an association, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation, the application shall be signed by a member, partner, executive officer, or other person specifically authorized by the association, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation to sign.Upon approval of the application by the commissioner, a certificate of registration shall be issued. The certificate shall be conspicuously displayed at all times at the place of business for which it is issued.The certificate is not assignable and shall be valid only for the person in whose name it is issued and the place of business designated.


2009, cc. 480, 692.


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