§ 58.1-3518

Taxpayers to file returns

Every taxpayer owning any of the property subject to taxation under this chapter on January 1 of any year shall file a return thereof with the commissioner of the revenue for his county or city on the appropriate forms; however, the commissioner of the revenue may elect not to require such a return from any taxpayer who owns such property which does not have sufficient value to generate a tax assessment. Every person who leases any of such property from the owner thereof on such date shall file a return with the commissioner of the revenue of the county or city wherein such property is located giving the name and address of the owner, except any person leasing a motor vehicle which is subject to the tax imposed under § 58.1-2402. Such returns shall be filed on or before May 1 of each year, except as otherwise provided by ordinance authorized by § 58.1-3916.Every fiduciary shall file the returns mentioned in this chapter with the commissioner of revenue having jurisdiction. Every taxpayer owning machinery and tools or business personal property, if requested by the commissioner of the revenue, shall include on his annual return of such property information as to the total of original cost by year of purchase. The cost should be the original capitalized cost or the cost that would have been capitalized if the expense deduction in lieu of depreciation was elected under § 179 of the Internal Revenue Code.


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