§ 58.1-3718

Counties, cities and towns authorized to levy a license tax on peddlers at wholesale

A. For purposes of the license tax authorized in § 58.1-3703, any person, firm or corporation, who or which sells or offers to sell goods, wares or merchandise to licensed dealers, other than at a definite place of business operated by the seller, and at the time of such sale or exposure for sale delivers, or offers to deliver, the goods, wares or merchandise to the buyer shall be deemed a peddler at wholesale. For purposes of this section any delivery made on the day of sale shall be construed as a delivery at the time of sale.

B. The license tax imposed by any locality on a peddler at wholesale shall not be at a rate greater than the rate imposed by such locality on a wholesale merchant selling similar goods, wares or merchandise in such locality at one definite place of business.


Code 1950, § 58-354; 1950, p. 894; 1984, c. 675.


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