§ 58.1-3724


A. As used in this section, “professional bondsman” means a person who is a property bail bondsman, as such term is defined in § 9.1-185.

B. The governing body of any county or city may by ordinance require that every person who shall, for compensation, enter into any bond or bonds for others, whether as a principal or surety, shall obtain a revenue license, the amount of which shall be prescribed in such ordinance. No professional bondsman or his agent shall enter into any such bond or bonds in any such county or city until he shall have obtained such license, unless he has obtained such required license in another city or county, in which he engages in the business of bail bonding.

C. With the exception of any bondsman or his agent who has heretofore obtained a certificate and license under this section and whose certificate, license and right to act as a bondsman continues to remain in full force and effect, no such license shall be issued by the authorities of any such county or city unless and until the applicant shall have first obtained a bail bondsman license from the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

D. Any ordinance enacted pursuant to the provisions of this section may provide for revocation of licenses for failure to comply with the terms of such ordinance and may in addition prescribe penalties for violations thereof.


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