§ 58.1-3830

Local taxes not prohibited; use of dual die or stamp to evidence payment of both county, city, or town and state tax on cigarettes

A. No provision of Chapter 10 (§ 58.1-1000 et seq.) of this title shall be construed to deprive counties, cities and towns of the right to levy taxes upon the sale or use of cigarettes, provided such county, city or town had such power prior to January 1, 1977. The governing body of any county, city or town which levies a cigarette tax and permits the use of meter impressions or stamps to evidence its payment may authorize an officer of the county, city or town or joint enforcement authority to enter into an arrangement with the Department of Taxation under which a tobacco wholesaler who so desires may use a dual die or stamp to evidence the payment of both the county, city, or town tax, and the state tax, and the Department is hereby authorized to enter into such an arrangement. The procedure under such an arrangement shall be such as may be agreed upon by and between the authorized county, city, town or joint enforcement authority officer and the Department.

B. Any county cigarette tax imposed shall not apply within the limits of any town located in such county where such town now, or hereafter, imposes a town cigarette tax. However, if the governing body of any such town shall provide that a county cigarette tax, as well as the town cigarette tax, shall apply within the limits of such town, then such cigarette tax may be imposed by the county within such town.


Code 1950, § 58-757.27; 1960, c. 392, § 27; 1962, c. 473; 1977, c. 595; 1984, c. 675.


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