§ 58.1-4019

Certain persons ineligible to purchase tickets or shares or receive prizes

A. No ticket or share shall be purchased by, and no prize shall be paid on a ticket purchased by or transferred to, any Board member, officer or employee of the lottery, or any board member, officer or employee of any vendor to the lottery of lottery on-line or instant ticket goods or services working directly on a contract with the Department for such goods or services, or any person residing in the same household of such member, officer or employee or any person under the age of eighteen years, or transferee of any such persons.

B. Only natural persons may purchase lottery tickets and claim prize winnings. In all cases, the identity and social security number of all natural persons who receive a prize greater than $ 100 from a winning ticket redeemed at any Department office shall be provided in order to comply with this section and §§ 58.1-4015, 58.1-4016 and 58.1-4026, and Chapter 19 (§ 63.2-1900 et seq.) of Title 63.2.


1987, c. 531; 1989, c. 478; 1992, c. 449; 1996, c. 954; 1999, c. 34.


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