§ 58.1-651

Tax collectible by communication service providers; jurisdiction

A. The tax levied by § 58.1-648 shall be collectible by all persons who are communications services providers, who have sufficient contact with the Commonwealth to qualify under subsection B, and who are required to be registered under § 58.1-653. However, the communications services provider shall separately state the amount of the tax and add that tax to the sales price of the service. Thereafter, the tax shall be a debt from the customer to the communications services provider until paid and shall be recoverable at law in the same manner as other debts.

B. A communications services provider shall be deemed to have sufficient activity within the Commonwealth to require registration if he does any of the activities listed in § 58.1-612.

C. Nothing contained in this chapter shall limit any authority that the Commonwealth may enjoy under the provisions of federal law or an opinion of the United States Supreme Court to require the collection of communications sales and use taxes by any communications services provider.


2006, c. 780.


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