§ 58.1-802

Additional tax paid by grantor; collection

A. In addition to any other tax imposed under the provisions of this chapter, a tax is hereby imposed on each deed, instrument, or writing by which lands, tenements, or other realty sold is granted, assigned, transferred, or otherwise conveyed to, or vested in the purchaser, or any other person, by such purchaser’s direction. The rate of the tax, when the consideration or value of the interest, whichever is greater, exceeds $ 100, shall be 50 cents for each $ 500 or fraction thereof, exclusive of the value of any lien or encumbrance remaining thereon at the time of the sale, whether such lien is assumed or the realty is sold subject to such lien or encumbrance. No increase in the city or county recordation tax authorized by § 58.1-814 shall be deemed authorized by this section.The tax imposed by this section shall be paid by the grantor, or any person who signs on behalf of the grantor, of any deed, instrument, or writing subject to the tax imposed by this section. No tax shall be imposed pursuant to this section if the grantor is a locality at a judicial sale of tax-delinquent property conducted pursuant to Article 4 (§ 58.1-3965 et seq.) of Chapter 39.No such deed, instrument, or other writing shall be admitted to record unless (i) the amount of the consideration is stated on the first page of the document to be admitted to record and (ii) certification of the clerk of the court wherein first recorded has been affixed thereto that the tax imposed by this section has been paid. The clerk shall include within the certificate the amount of such tax collected thereon.

B. Taxes imposed by this section shall be collected as provided in § 58.1-812 and the clerk shall return taxes collected hereunder one-half into the state treasury and one-half into the treasury of the locality.The local portion of the tax imposed by this section on property that is located in more than one jurisdiction shall be collected by the clerk in proportion to the value of the property located in each such locality when recorded therein.Every clerk of court collecting taxes under this section for the county or city that he serves shall be entitled to compensation for such service at five percent of the amount so collected and paid.


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