Commissioners Of The Revenue

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Commissioners Of The Revenue.” It is part of Title 58.1, titled “Taxation.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Local Taxes.” It is part of Chapter 31, titled “Local Officers.” It’s comprised of the following 25 sections.

§ 58.1-3100
Interpretation of "commissioner."
§ 58.1-3101
County commissioner of the revenue to keep an office at county seat; removal to other place
§ 58.1-3102
Jurisdiction of commissioners
§ 58.1-3103
When commissioners begin work; commissioners to make assessments
§ 58.1-3104
Commissioner of the revenue entitled to books and papers of predecessor
§ 58.1-3105
Tax Commissioner to instruct commissioners of the revenue
§ 58.1-3106
How compensation of commissioners paid; when compensation withheld
§ 58.1-3107
Commissioner of the revenue to obtain returns from taxpayers
§ 58.1-3108
Commissioner to render taxpayer assistance and may go to convenient places to receive returns; advertisement by commissioner
§ 58.1-3109
Duties of commissioners as to personal property, income and licenses
§ 58.1-3110
Power to summon taxpayers and other persons
§ 58.1-3111
§ 58.1-3112
Commissioner to preserve returns; destruction of returns; penalty
§ 58.1-3113
Returns of intangible personal property forwarded to Department
§ 58.1-3114
Books and certain forms of returns to be furnished by Department
§ 58.1-3115
Arrangement and contents of books
§ 58.1-3116
Department may prescribe separate books for state and local levies
§ 58.1-3117
Disposition of supplemental assessment sheets
§ 58.1-3118
Commissioner to retain original personal property book; reproduction of book; disposition of copies
§ 58.1-3119
Personal property book not to be altered after delivery to treasurer
§ 58.1-3120
If books for preceding year not made out, how supplied
§ 58.1-3121
Penalty for false entry in books
§ 58.1-3122
Tax Commissioner may report misconduct or incapacity of commissioner of the revenue
§ 58.1-3122.1
Photocopying fees imposed by commissioners of the revenue
§ 58.1-3122.2
Remote access to nonconfidential public records maintained by commissioner