§ 59.1-268

Purchaser’s remedies

If a business opportunity seller (i) uses any untrue or misleading statements in the sale of a business opportunity, (ii) fails to give the proper disclosures in the manner required by § 59.1-264, or (iii) fails to deliver the equipment, supplies, product or products necessary to begin substantial operation of the business within forty-five days of the delivery date stated in the business opportunity contract, or if the contract does not comply with the requirements of § 59.1-267, then, within one year of the date of the contract, upon written notice to seller, the purchaser may void the contract and shall be entitled to receive from the business opportunity seller all sums paid to the business opportunity seller. Upon receipt of such sums, the purchaser shall make available to the seller at the purchaser’s address or at the places at which they are located at the time such notice is given, all product, products, equipment and supplies received by the purchaser. No purchaser shall be entitled to any unjust enrichment by exercise of the remedies provided in this subsection.Any purchaser injured by (i) a violation of this chapter, (ii) the business opportunity seller’s breach of a contract subject to this chapter, or (iii) by any obligation arising therefrom may bring a civil action for recovery of damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees.Upon complaint of any person that a business opportunity seller has violated the provisions of this chapter, the circuit court wherein the violation is alleged to have occurred shall have jurisdiction to enjoin such seller from further violations of this chapter.The remedies provided herein shall be in addition to any other remedies provided for by law or in equity.


1979, c. 523.


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