§ 59.1-387

Permit required; exception

A. No participant shall engage in any horse racing subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission or in the conduct of a race meeting or pari-mutuel wagering thereon, including but not limited to as a horse owner, trainer, jockey, exercise rider, groom, stable foreman, valet, veterinarian, agent, pari-mutuel employee, concessionaire or employee thereof, track employee, or other positions the Commission deems necessary to regulate to ensure the integrity of horse racing in Virginia, unless such person possesses a permit therefor from the Commission, and complies with the provisions of this chapter and all Commission regulations. No permit issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be transferable.

B. The Commission may waive the permit requirement for any person who possesses a valid permit or license to participate in the conduct of horse racing in another racing jurisdiction and participates in horse racing in Virginia on nonconsecutive racing days.

C. Once a horse is entered to run in Virginia, all participants shall come under the jurisdiction of the Commission and its stewards and shall be subject to regulations of the Commission and sanctions it or its stewards may impose.


1988, c. 855; 1991, c. 591; 2000, c. 1011; 2005, c. 700.


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