§ 59.1-506.4

Immediately completed performance

If a performance involves delivery of information or services which, because of their nature, may provide a licensee, immediately on performance or delivery, with substantially all the benefit of the performance or with other significant benefit that cannot be returned, the following rules apply:

(1. Sections 59.1-506.7 through 59.1-506.10 and 59.1-507.4 through 59.1-507.7 do not apply.

(2. The rights of the parties are determined under § 59.1-506.1 and the ordinary standards of the business, trade, or industry.

(3. Before tender of the performance, a party entitled to receive the tender may inspect the media, labels, or packaging but may not view the information or otherwise receive the performance before completing any performance of its own that is then due.


2000, cc. 101, 996.


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