§ 59.1-546

Review and termination of enterprise zones

A. If the local governing body is unable or unwilling to provide the specified local incentives as proposed in its application for zone designation or as approved by the Department in an amendment, the zone designation shall terminate. Qualified business firms located in such enterprise zone shall be eligible to receive the incentives provided by this chapter even though the zone designation has terminated. No business firm may become a qualified business firm after the date of zone termination.

B. If no business firms have qualified for incentives as provided for in this chapter within a five-year period, the Department shall terminate that enterprise zone designation.

C. The Department shall review the effectiveness in creating jobs and capital investment and activity occurring within designated enterprise zones and shall annually report its findings to the Senate Finance Committee, the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor, the House Appropriations Committee, and the House Committee on Commerce and Labor.


2005, cc. 863, 884.


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