§ 59.1-74

Recordation of certificate and registration of names

The clerk with whom the certificate provided for in § 59.1-69 is filed shall keep a book in which all such certificates shall be recorded, with their date of record, and shall keep a register in which shall be entered in alphabetical order the name under which every such business is conducted and the names of every person owning the same. The clerk shall be entitled to a fee of ten dollars for filing and recording such certificate and entering such names. No license shall be issued by the Commissioner of the Revenue until the certificate has been made and filed in the clerk’s office and evidence of same produced before him.


Code 1950, § 59-174; 1968, c. 439; 1975, c. 230; 1983, c. 103; 1992, c. 784; 2002, c. 267.


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