§ 6.2-101

Confidentiality of information

A. Except as otherwise provided in this title or § 12.1-19, the following shall not be disclosed by the Commission or any of its employees: (i) a report of examination of any person subject to this title, including any contents thereof; (ii) any information furnished to or obtained by the Bureau, the disclosure of which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, could endanger the safety and soundness of a bank, savings institution, or credit union; or (iii) any personal financial information furnished to, or obtained by the Bureau.

B. Any reports and information described in subsection A may be provided to:

1. Members and employees of the Commission in the performance of their duties;

2. In the case of an entity, directors and officers thereof and such other persons as may be authorized by resolution of the entity’s board of directors;

3. Such governmental officers, instrumentalities, or agencies as the Commissioner may determine, in his discretion, to be proper recipients of such reports or information;

4. Any persons pursuant to lawful process and, if necessary to protect the confidentiality of the reports and information, an appropriate protective order issued by or under the authority of any appropriate court;

5. Other persons pursuant to grand jury subpoenas; or

6. Any other persons with the consent of the person to whom the report or information pertains.


1988, c. 555, § 6.1-1.1; 1991, c. 127; 2004, c. 165; 2010, c. 794.


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