§ 6.2-1066

Interstate trust offices by Virginia state banks

A. With the prior approval of the Commission, any Virginia state bank or state trust company may establish a new trust office or acquire a trust office in a state other than the Commonwealth.

B. A Virginia state bank or state trust company desiring to establish and maintain a trust office in another state under this section shall file an application or notice on a form prescribed by the Commission and pay the branch application fee set forth in subdivision B 3 of § 6.2-908. If the Commission finds that the applicant has the financial resources sufficient to undertake the proposed expansion without adversely affecting its soundness and that the laws of the host state permit the establishment of the trust office, it may approve the application. In acting on the application, the Commission shall consider the views of the state bank supervisor of the host state where the trust office is proposed to be located.


1999, c. 835, § 6.1-32.33; 2010, c. 794.


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