§ 6.2-1085

When security not required

No association with a minimum combined unimpaired capital and surplus of $ 50,000 or more shall be required by any officer or court of the Commonwealth to give security upon appointment to or acceptance of any fiduciary office which it may, by law, be authorized to execute, or to give security upon any bond given pursuant to § 19.2-386.6 or similar statute. No association shall qualify on an estate having a value in excess of its combined unimpaired capital and surplus without giving security for such excess on its bond, unless the giving of such security is waived under the terms of the governing instrument or by court order.


1984, c. 303, § 6.1-195.82; 1993, c. 866; 2010, c. 794; 2012, cc. 283, 756.


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